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Phosphorothioated oligonucleotides (PTO)


Synthesis scale

Additional charge per PTO bond

Basic cost per base

Setup charge

0.2 μmol

US$1.50 / CAN$1.50 per PTO bond

US$0.39 / CAN$0.39


1.0 μmol

US$1.50 / CAN$1.50 per PTO bond

US$0.79 / CAN$0.79


15 μmol

US$10.00 / CAN$10.00 per PTO bond

US$6.50 / CAN$6.50

US$30 / CAN$30

Example: One oligo of 20 bases at the 200 nmol scale, of which 3 backbone bonds (links) at each end are phosphorothioated:  20 x 0.39 = 7.80, plus (3+3) x 1.50 = 9.00, for the total of 16.80.  Please use asterisks to describe the phosphorothioated backbone bonds (links), for example A*T*C*AGTGACTCGTAGTG*C*T*A


The prices in Canadian dollars are valid only for customers from Canada, and are subject to government sales taxes (GST, HST, QST).  The taxes are extra (not included in the above prices).

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